Parcours pour la RiM du 3 mai 2013


Bonjour à tous,

le parcours retenu pour la rando de mai est le suivant :


Je vous donne donc RDV le 3 mai 2013 à 20h45 place du nombre d’Or avec protections et casque !


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  1. Quelle est la durée du parcours?

    • Stéphanie
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    • know this will sound cheesie (lol at the unfunny pun), but aparecipte your loved ones when they are still around because nobody will live forever <3 but memories of them will stay in my heart and never die…

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    • Thanks Aerin!!!I think so too. It’s better to make sure they’re aware of all of this. It’s just a question of figuring out what is age-appropriate information…Thanks Sam-I-Am!!!My kids prefer the laughing Buddha too, and Nico looked just like him as a baby!!! It’s a little dangerous to give your kid the idea he created the world though… ;^)Hey Wayne!!!That’s good advice!!! One reason I’m less hesitant telling them about Buddha is the lack of supernatural claims (not to mention the lack of gory violence…) in his story.Thanks JulieAnn!!! 😀

    • TYVM you’ve solved all my problems

  2. Il faut compter 2h bonnes heures


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